Pre Purchase Building Inspection

Pre Purchase Building Inspection

Have us do a pre-purchase inspection for your potential house so you can have confidence that it is not leaking and the building structure is in good condition

Our Infrared/thermal imaging moisture and building inspections are perfect to tell the condition of the house.

All pre-purchase house inspection reports are emailed out the same day as the inspection.

With our leading edge Infrared/thermal imaging equipment to detect moisture in homes, we can give you the piece of mind that you are buying a quality home.

One of the most important difference when using City Line Infrared is our knowledge and experience. We have been undertaking infrared pre-purchase building inspections for 11 years and have the experience to track moisture. We have seen most types of leaks before. Many leaks occur from known problem areas that are often due to the way the home was built. With our extensive experience finding any problems is assured.

Meth is growing problem in houses these days, if the house you are buying has been a rental or been sold a lot of times, it would pay to check for meth. have piece of mind you and your family will be safe. We can undertake a meth test during our building inspection. All our meth tests are sent away to a lab for accurate results.

Cityline IR, the infrared pre-purchase building inspection experts.

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